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Who We Are

Who is Leatherneck Ammunition?

Leatherneck Ammunition was founded in 2023 by people with a love for shooting and loading ammunition and a passion for accuracy. Always trying to find a way to maximize the accuracy and reliability of ammunition.

We offer most calibers of military rifle ammunition such as  8 x 57 Mauser 7.7 x 58 Japanese Arisaka    6.5 x 52 Carcano and of course, 30-06 Springfield tailored for the M1 Garand we also offer Match Grade precision ammunition and offer A load development service for those interested in maximum accuracy in their long range precision rifle.

Part of our business is dedicated to offering hard to find pistol and rifle ammunition.

We can load ammunition for you in new brass or reload your brass for more economical pricing.

We do offer target load development for precision rifles to find what load your rifle likes the best.